The TTC and Your Customer Service

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February 9, 2011 at 11:35 amCategory:Personal Post

So I’m standing here on a really cold winter day entering this blog entry in a really cold subway station.

To be fair, it’s Vic Park, and it’s under construction, and so that neccesitates open walls. Add to that the fact that the subway platform has, is, and always will be open to the elements, and let’s just say I’m typing this as fast as I can so I can put my gloves back on.

We as customers of the TTC really have no choice. If we want to use this subway station as part of our travels, we have to put up with whatever is going on with their construction. And the smells and sights. As long as what is happening doesn’t fall under the category of criminal negligence or endangerment to life, we have to put up with a lot.

But, if there was a competing transit service out there, one that didn’t make me wait around in a meat locker while I was waiting for my low frequency bus, then guess where I would be? Even if it cost me a dollar or so more.

So, are you really the only game in town? And if you are, is interacting with you pleasant for your clients, or are they looking out for someplace that understands them better?

All right. My forefingers are turning numb.