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June | 2011 | Tech-Right Documentation Blog

The LinkedIn Announcement

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June 2, 2011 at 9:44 amCategory:Social Media | Technology

Not a “surprise” announcement, by any means. Ever since they’ve been around, they have pushed us to get our profile up to 100% completion. This included, of course, getting recommendations from colleagues.

And then, their IPO on May 19th, 2011. All kinds of cash flow. So now, they are formalizing their business model in an obvious vs. their previous badly hidden way.

This includes a button which basically lets job applicants send employers or recruiters their profile information, as I understand it. So, this couples Linked In even more tightly with the job application process. Their little button can expand across the web like the, well, “Like” button.

So what does this mean to the job application process? It expands the influence, or tries to expand the influence, of Linked In so that when you think “I want to apply for a job,” you automatically think “Cripes, where is the Linked In Apply for this position button?!?!”

Just like Facebook is trying to make you think, “I need to contact Jill Jetson, so I’d better log on to Facebook and leave her a message.” In the case of Facebook, you could use e-mail, but it’s a bit more inconvenient, and in the case of Linked In, you could go to a job board and try to remember your password and upload your resume again, but it’s a bit more inconvenient.

In this Web 2.0 World (which sounds better than Multitasking Hell World), don’t underestimate how much people appreciate a little less inconvenience.