How the End of Net Neutrality Will Feel

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May 5, 2014 at 9:52 amCategory:Uncategorized

I went to a gaming convention this weekend. One of the questions I got asked was if I needed WiFi. Crazy question, I mean who doesn’t need WiFi, but all I said was yes.

So I got given a little slip of paper with credentials on it, and went to my room, and unpacked, and fired up my tablet. And I connected, checked some emails, and then I wasn’t connected.

I looked at the available networks and saw there was one with the base network name, but with my floor appended to it. Well, I said to myself, they’ve put in boosters on certain floors, so I should connect to this one instead.

So I did. For a bit. Then it dropped connection again.

This was the pattern all weekend. While sleeping, it picked up emails and notifications fine, but during the day? Forget about it.

Except, the one time I went to the hotel bar for a couple of pints. Then the connection worked flawlessly.

I hope this has helped you understand what the loss of net neutrality will feel like.