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The Tech Apple of Discord

The original Golden Apple of Discord is, of course, the one that started the Trojan War. “To the fairest.” Well, which one is the fairest? Let’s start a war because that guy picked her as the fairest and get Helen back as our excuse for starting the whole mess.

Of course, in technology, no one cares who the fairest is. Booth babes are outlawed, and most geeks are male with various levels of hygeine.

But, toss in a golden apple marked “To the smartest”, and oh boy! Watch the USB drives fly! Because intellect is a mark of status. Because smart people are at the top of the meritocracy in the tech world because, of course, you need brains to be good in tech.

Well, yeah. You need to be able to at least grasp some elementary  technical concepts, depending in what part of IT you have elected to hang your hat. But what is happening with the world? Social media with the many who don’t care about whether you have a 64-bit architecture or not, and any moron knows Ubuntu Linux is weak compared to the flexible power of Gentoo, especially with the custom kernel you built and compiled for YOUR processor, and…

They don’t care. They just want to get their widget that they paid money for, and they don’t want any techno wafflegab.

But, if someone who has NO technical understanding tries to explain the problem to them, what happens? “Yes, sir, there is a problem. We are working to resolve it. Our technicians are working hard on your issue. It is an issue on our servers. I don’t know how serious it is, but rest assured, we are working hard to resolve it.”

What if you went to a typical high tech company and tossed in a golden apple inscribed “To the most integrated”?

My guess? A lot of head scratching and then coffee break. But really. Shouldn’t that be the apple you should really be fighting over?

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