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A Yo-Yo Career

With all this multitasking at work, there are certain expectations made of you. The expectation that you can instantly and without hesitation shift gears and suddenly begin doing something totally different from what you’ve been doing for the past long time.

You’re a yo-yo doing “The Sleeper”? Well, now it’s “Around the World”! Back to the “The Sleeper”, but not for long, it’s now time to “Walk the Dog”!

(Sleep! Walk! Around! Hmm. That really was unplanned.)

I don’t think going from being a non-thinking paper pusher to a vibrantly creative problem solver in the blink of an eye is possible. They involve different approaches to life. One or the other will suffer as you transition back and forth between them.

This resource crunch isn’t good for employers or employees. A vibrant company is only achieved when both sides recognize that.

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