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Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Twitter-style (You’ve been plpED)

Like everyone else (right?), I get so excited when I see I’ve been mentioned on Twitter.

“OMG! Someone loves me! What did they retweet, what did they say?”

Then you go look, and you’ve been sucked in by a paper.li page (or a page based off the paper.li architecture).

I really don’t see the point of these. I retweet someone who is more famous or gets paid to write the content attached to the link I retweeted, and I get my name associated with the paper.li page? (I’ll call it plp for short from now on.)

Even with careful searching, I am hard put upon to find my name on the plp itself. I’m sure the casual visitor to the plp will not see ANYONE who got their name mentioned on Twitter for the page.

Vanity is all very nice, but content being pushed out without a useful purpose is…pretty much the state of the “Cloud” right now. The signal to noise ratio gets lower by the hour sometimes, it seems.

But hey. If you’re measuring your online success just by the number of mentions you get (hi Klout and Empire Avenue! How are ya?), then this is just great. For me? I’d rather interact with humans. But if you enjoy getting plpED, then don’t let me ruin your enjoyment.

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  1. David Reply
    May 26, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    It seems paper.li is more for the creator. I saw a tweet containing this link ten minutes after I wrote this post: http://www.thesparkleagency.com/archives/205

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