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My Adventures in DITA, part 1

So after a presentation by Tim Grantham this week on his new InPrint solution, I thought it was time to look at DITA again.

Since my budget for new software comes solely from sweat equity, the Open Toolkit was the only choice. I will worry about an editor later.

The first test of DITA Open Toolkit is whether you can find the documentation. I didn’t find this process intuitive or helped by the README, but by clicking enough I found the XHTML help file.

The second test of DITA Open Toolkit is how well you know Java. Upon trying to build the demo output, I got a cryptic error message in the DOS shell. Upon thinking, I realised that of course I need a JDK.

After trying again to build the output, I realised I needed to edit the provided DOS batch file to tell it where to find the JDK bin directory.

This accomplished, the output built. Even though I added the JDK CLASSPATH to the startup batch file, Ant is still looking in my JRE for tools.jar.

So, not perfect, not intuitive or well documented, but it works. Now to find a free editor and get to work learning  DITA authoring.

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